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Aluminium Tap-ease

9500 Aluminum Tap-ease

Ball bearing packer

KL-50 Ball bearing packer

Honing oil

9101 Honing oil
1 liter

Honing oil

9105 Honing oil
5 liter


DE-3 Lubricant

Penetrating oil

9000 Penetrating oil
400 ml

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Tap-ease for aluminum

Aluminum Tap-ease 9500

Stick with 12 grams pure wax with mineral oil. For lubricating and cooling of aluminum while drilling a hole or tapping new screw thread. Tap-ease drains away the heat when new screw thread is being cut in aluminum, so that this screw thread will remain in good repair.
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Ball bearing packer

Ball bearing packer KL-50

For easy and professional greasing those ball bearings. Disc diameter 110 mm. Fast, efficient and economic: put the ball bearings between the plastic discs, screw the discs tight and pump some grease through the spindle. The special connector fits virtually any grease gun.
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Penetrating oil Penetrating oil

Honing oil

For a professional result.Will lessen wear of the stones. Absolutely necessary while honing aluminum cylinders.

9101 Container of 1 liter.
9105 Container of 5 liter.
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Door-Ease lubricant

Lubricant DE-3

Door-Ease. Stick with 47 grams pure wax with mineral oil. For a clean and no mess lubrication of all hinges and locks. Lubricates only under pressure: when moving parts, like a door or lock, slide into each other, Door-Ease becomes liquid and therefor lubricating. Afterwards it resumes its clean and solid form, so that car upholstery or clothing will not stain.
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Penetrating oil

Penetrating oil 9000

Eesinut. A liquid Special Tool: removes only the oxygen out of the rust and keeps the metal in good repair. That way only the rust disappears and all metal remains intact. Loosens rusted bolts and nuts without damaging the screw thread. Contains no graphite and leaves no black stains. Without CFK.

Container of 400 ml. Packaging: 12 in box.
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